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Outdoor notice boards with cork backing


Cork notice boards  - Outdoor with locking door


Lockable notice boards are weather resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors. These low cost outdoor notice boards are also great as menu display cases. Notices or menus can be secured easily with drawing pins.


  • The size is defined by the numer of A4 sheets which can be displayed. The A3 version will fit two A4 portrait side by side making it an ideal menu display case mounted landscape. 
    The A3 model is also available in black as well as silver.
  • The durable silver anodised aluminium frame profile is 30mm deep. It is designed for outdoor use. 
  • The hinged door is glazed with shatter-resistant rigid plastic and comes with a lock and key.
  • The notice boards are simply fixed by screwing through holes in the frame perimeter only accessible when the door is opened.
  • The design is similar to our lockable poster case but with a 12mm space between the door and the cork backboard to allow for use of all types of drawing pins.

Outdoor Lockable Cork Noticeboard (A3) Black


Dimensions of the available sizes are as follows:
Dimensions are stated as Width x Height when the door is side hung.  
(If installed with the door top hung the first stated dimension becomes the height).


4 x A4 capacity 
External size 590 x 760 mm (23in x 30in) 
6 x A4 capacity 
External size 590 x 1080 mm (23in x 43in) 
9 x A4 capacity 
External size 820 x 1080 mm (32in x 43in) 
12 x A4 capacity 
External size 1050 x 1080 mm (41in x 43in)


A3 menu display case mounted landscape also suits two A4 menus side by side.


The same key fits all notice boards. This is a convenient feature for the person responsible for updating notices.


The internal depth (gap between the corkboard and the inside of the door) is 12mm. 



These aluminium framed notice boards and menu display cases are suitable for interior or exterior use.  For severe exposure situations we recommend our Series 50 notice boards.

Condensation on the inside of the door can occur under certain atmospheric conditions. It is the same as inside a car windscreen where condensation can occur without implying that rain has actually leaked inside.

For example on a cold night after a humid day the water vapour in the air can condense on any cold surface (such as the glazed door or car windscreen) and this is unavoidable. In most situations any misting clears of its own accord as the glass (or clear plastic) warms up again.

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