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5 reasons why your business should use a pavement sign

The recession has finally lifted and the Irish summer has arrived, people are coming out of the woodwork to walk the streets and spend their hard earned cash. What better way to attract them to your business than with a well thought out pavement sign. If your business doesn’t have one already then hopefully this article will show you why you need one. Maybe your business already uses them, great, but don’t stop reading, you may find some useful tips to improve your current setup.

Flex Panel Sign

1. They are inexpensive forms of advertising

Compared to other forms of advertising such as newspapers or leaflet drops, pavement signs are extremely cost effective. With basic panel and base systems starting at €79 there is a pavement sign to suit every budget. Pavement signs show potential customers that you are open for business and will guarantee an increase in customers for your business. They can be customised with a variety of messages and can be used as long as needed. If used correctly the small investment could pay for itself within a day!

Swinger 3000 2.png

2. Hardwearing

Made from hardwearing materials, pavement signs can be used in almost any situation and in almost any weather. If you are planning to use a pavement sign in windy conditions, signs with weighted bases such as swing signs and windmasters are ideal. Caution should be used when using A-frame signs in windy conditions as they may topple over. Of course this can be prevented by using a weight such as a sandbag to hold it down.

Icon Forecourt Stand.jpg

3. They Attract Attention

By placing a pavement sign in the path of your potential customers they are sure to notice it. As the time in which your would be customers can read the message is limited, make a good first impression by keeping the message straight forward and to the point.

A Frame Blackboard 1.jpg

4. Multiple Designs

Whether you want to display a permanent message or regularly changing offers there is a suitable pavement sign for your company. For cafés and restaurants who are looking for a classic look, A-frame blackboards are ideal. For permanent messages signs such as panel swing signs & flex panel stands are more appropriate. If you are the type of company that will be regularly updating with new offers then poster holding pavement signs such as the popular Windmaster or A Master A-Board would be your best bet.

A Master 1.jpg

5. Convenience

Pavement signs require minimal set-up and can easily moved and transported. For when your business is closed they can simply be folded up or wheeled inside to prevent theft or vandalism. Pavement signs can also be transported easily to other locations such as to a different premises or an event location.

For a full list of pavement signs available please visit our Pavement Sign page or if you require advice or have a particular sign in mind that we don’t have listed contact us at or call us on 01-6251977.

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