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How to outline fonts in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


One of the problems that I come across regularly is when a customer sends me a pdf that was created for a different use and needs something printed urgently. Sometimes the size needs to be changed or sometimes content needs to be moved or altered. A lot of the time there is no issue, I open it in Adobe Illustrator and the fonts are outlined or I already have them on my system. But on the odd occasion the fonts aren't outlined and I don't have the font. If only there was a way I could outline the fonts in Acrobat...

There is! It's a bit of a messy work around, but it does work!

Before you proceed with these steps please note that, becuase we are outlining the font the text will no longer be editable, so if the problem you want fixed is textual then i'm afraid this isn't going to work for you. The only way to sort this out would be to obtain the missing fonts.

Step 1: Open the file in Acrobat.

Step 2: From the Tools menu choose Edit PDF.

Step 3: From the menu bar choose Watermark | Add


Step 4: Put some text in the text box, a single "." will do the trick. Set Opacity to 0%. Click OK.

Step 5: From the Tools menu choose Print Production.

Step 6: From the menu choose Flattener Preview.


Step 7: Check "Convert All Text to Outlines". Click Apply. Click yes to pop-up message. Close window. NOTE: If you have multiple documents select "All pages in document"

Step 8: Go to "File" menu | "Export to" | "Encapsulated PostScript. Save your file.

Step 9: Open the EPS file in Adobe Illustrator and you should now have your text outlined.

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