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Outdoor LED lightbox poster cases 


Backlit lightbox poster displaycase for use outdoors offering striking visual attraction after dark.  The design of this exterior grade light box allows it to be fully waterproof for mounting on the outside wall of a building.  The power supply lead must pass through the wall to connect indoors to a standard UK style 13A socket.


Integral LED backlighting is bright yet economical to run and long lasting. The power supply unit (transformer to convert to safe 12V) can be mounted outdoors or inside - the advice of a qualified electrician should be sought depending on the local circumstances.

  • Snap open front profiles enable easy poster change.  A locking screw which requires an allen key to open prevents unwanted tampering.
  • LED edge lighting of the specially designed light guiding plate achieves even illumination and a bright image, lit from behind.
  • A suitable poster - preferably printed on backlit film, although regular paper will do provided it is not too opaque - is mounted easily inside the snap poster frame.  
  • The poster is placed behind the PET protective cover sheet.  A waterproof gasket ensures the poster and electrical components are kept dry.
  • Outdoor light boxes are stocked in 3 standard sizes.  For larger quantities or for other sizes please allow around four weeks.  Please call for availability.

A2 Waterproof Outdoor LED light box


Specification of these exterior grade light boxes.


Frame width is 35mm with silver anodised finish. The frame is designed like a regular snap frame to allow front access for posters. All models are lockable by means of an allen key type lock on one of the four profiles. The other 3 sides cannot be opened until the locking profile has been released.


Front to back thickness is 30mm offering a slim and sleek appearance.


Power supply is rate IP67 (technical standard of waterproofing). The cable entry to the base of the lightbox can be from below (i.e. up the wall) or from the rear (i.e. through the wall). See illustration below which shows the swivel cable entry feature.


The light output is in the range 1900 to 2300 lux for all Waterproof Smart LEDbox units - bright enough to be eye-catching in dull interior lighting and at striking after dark and at night.


The stated sizes are the poster size. The external frame size is larger (61mm larger than poster); the visible copy are is slightly smaller (9mm smaller than poster size).


Swivel cable entry allows connection from the rear or from below the lightbox

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