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Great value chalk A-board with simple dark stained wooden frame and black laminate writing surface is ideal for indoor or limited outdoor use.  This chalk sandwich board stands just under 1m high (36") by 60cm (24") wide - large enough to catch the eye but not too big to get in the way. 

Economy chalk A-board


This economy chalk A-board is suitable for use with chalk pens which can be erased with a damp cloth without leaving ghosting.  Lightweight wooden chalkboard A-board is portable and easy to move around.


  • Good choice if you're looking for a cheap chalkboard A-board which is easily portable. 
  • Effective for promoting in-store cafe, craft stalls, farmers markets, pub menu specials and many similar uses.
  • The chalk writing surface can be used with stick chalk but much superior results are achieved with chalk pens - such as wet-wipe chalk pens.
  • No repainting of the blackboard surface is required so menus can be changed with ease.

TIP: For exposed outdoor use - we recommend a heavy duty waterproof chalk A-board which is more substantial.


Small wooden chalkboard A-boards are ideal for indoor use and sheltered outdoor use - for example under a porch or canopy. 

These chalkboard A-boards are not intended for long term outdoor use as the blackboard surface is faced onto hardboard which could deteriorate over time.  Similarly the wooden frame is not especially robust compared with our more expensive heavy duty model.  However on fair days these wooden chalk A-boards regularly get used outdoors for events, fetes and so forth and they are a popular way to put up temporary hand written signs.  Be aware that on windy days they may blow over.