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Exterior illuminated notice board


Menu case with lights for outdoor use


High quality menu case and noticeboard for exterior use illuminated with LED lighting.

Exterior grade construction featuring a weatherproof gasket seal around the door - these illuminated notice boards come with LED lighting for effective and eye catching night-time use.

  • LED lighting is very economical to run and this energy efficient light source has a long service life.  Top and bottom lights are included for bright illumination.
  • Notices and menus are attached to the white magnetic backboard using magnetic pins (supplied).  The backboard can also be written on using dry wipe pens (test removability of pen first, since drywipe pens vary).
  • Illuminated menu display cases are easily screwed to an outside wall using the supplied mounting rails.  Provison for passing the low voltage connection lead through the wall is required - the supplied mains transformer must be plugged in indoors.
  • Available in silver finish in two sizes.  The smaller illuminated menu case suits either A3 paper or two A4 sheets side by side.  The lights are located along the top and bottom edges when the A3 menu case is mounted landscape.
  • The larger size fits four A4 menus or notices or a single A2 size poster.  The front illumination means that the menus, notices or posters can simply be printed on plain paper.

Outdoor Illuminated Lockable Magnetic Notice Board (4xA4)


Illuminated magnetic notice board specification


  • Colour:  Silver anodised 
  • Depth of frame: 40mm
  • Overall sizes: see below 
  • Illumination: 2 rows of LED lights concealed behind the door frame and designed to illiminate menus or notices displayed within.
  • Power supply:  The notice board is supplied with a Power Supply Unit and connection lead.  The Power Supply plugs into the mains (indoors or in a waterproof outdoor box) and steps down the voltage to a safe outdoor level matched to the voltage required by the LED light strips.


A pair of separate fixing rails are supplied on which to hang the notice board without having to compromise the watertightness of the menu case by penetration the case itself.  Once the pair of rails has been fixed to the wall outside the restaurant (or elsewhere), the menu case is hooked onto the top rail and locked (from the underside of the notice board) onto the lower rail using 2 grub screws supplied.  This makes the unit secure with concealed fixings.

These illuminated menu boards can be fitted with the hinged door opening upwards or to the side depending on your preference.  Generally the door on the 4xA4 model opens to the side and the 2xA4 door opens upwards.  A stay is supplied to prop the door open when used this way.

The door is equipped with a lock and two keys.

The door closes onto a rubber gasket to keep weather at bay.  Please note that under some conditions condensation can occur inside the glazed door but usually it clears quite quickly.

The glazing in the door is clear polycarbonate which is resistant to a degree of vandalism.

We recommend wiring is carried out by a qualified electrician.


External sizes (width x height when installed in the conventional orientation)

4 x A4 capacity - door hinged at the side
External size 590 x 760 mm (23in x 30in)

2 x A4 capacity - door hinged at the top
External size 590 x 460 mm (23in x 18in)

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