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External notice boards - notices held by magnets


Magnetic notice board - waterproof exterior grade


These external notice boards have a coated steel back-board supplied with magnetic pins used to secure notices. Series 50 lockable magnetic noticeboards are suitable for wall-mounting indoors or outside.


  • Sturdy design with a durable anodised aluminium finish, this exterior grade noticeboard has a hinged locking door glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate. 
  • The 50mm deep aluminium frame has a sealing gasket built into the hinged door, rendering the noticeboard waterproof.
  • Back panel is white-coated galvanised steel so will work with all types of magnetic fixings.  Easy to maintain surface with nothing to wrot or discolour.
  • Supplied with set of magnetic 'pins' for holding notices in place. 
  • The available sizes are defined by the number of A4 pages which can be displayed. View more details for dimensions of notice boards.
  • Can be mounted with the door at the side or rotated so the door is hinged at the top. Note that integral struts can be used to hold the door open when the door hinge is positioned at the top.

Outdoor Lockable Magnetic Notice Board (9xA4)


Exterior grade notice board intended for fixing to any wall - supplied with two mounting rails.  

First the mounting rails are fixed to the wall.  The notice board is then securely hung on the rails - without requiring any fixing holes through the notice board itself. 

Two grub screws beneath the notice board prevent unwanted removal. 


DIMENSIONS of the available sizes are as follows:
Dimensions are stated as Width x Height when the door is side hung.  
(If installed with the door top hung the first stated dimension becomes the height).

4 x A4 capacity 
External size 590 x 760 mm (23in x 30in) 
6 x A4 capacity 
External size 590 x 1080 mm (23in x 43in) 
9 x A4 capacity 
External size 820 x 1080 mm (32in x 43in) 
12 x A4 capacity 
External size 1050 x 1080 mm (41in x 43in)



These magnetic whiteboard notice boards are suitable for interior or exterior use.  Note that as with any noticeboard condensation can occur from time to time.


They are supplied with a starter set of magnets for fixing notices without the need for drawing pins. 


They are lockable but the keys are all the same so one key will open a number of notice boards on site. This is a convenient feature for supervisory staff.


The Series 50 noticeboard can be used as: 
Church notice boards 
Hospital notice board 
Schoool notice board 
Notice boards in foyers 
Board for staff notices 
Student's Union Notices 
Health and safety notices and posters 
Wanted and for sale boards etc.

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