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Black poster cases with lock  


Like our regular silver cases with a black powder coated finish. Durable paint process makes these poster display cases suitable for use outdoors, as well as for internal poster displays.


  • Hinged door display case for posters in smart black finish with tough clear polycarbonate glazing.
  • The door is fitted with a lock and supplied with a pair of keys (additional keys are available).
  • Posters are held in place with clear plastic clips around the perimeter of the frame - clips are hidden when the door is closed.
  • The frame size is defined by the size of poster it will fit, from A4 and A3 up to A2 and A1.  See more details.
  • The frame is waterproof enabling outdoor use. The poster display case can be fitted portrait or landscape - in which case the supplied door stays help to hold the door open during poster changes.
  • Poster display case is easily screwed to a wall or a backboard (fixings included).

Outdoor Lockable Poster Case - Black A1


Poster case is perfect for the display of a single poster


Poster cases are mainly intended to display a poster matched to the size of the case . The poster is secured by plastic clips concealed behind the rim of the door.  As well as displaying posters printed on paper the display case will accept thicker card and other flexible substrates up to 1.5mm thick.


If you wish to use a Poster Case as a notice board (e.g. for multiple A4 sheets rather than a single poster) the individual notices will need to be secured to the back panel by sticky dots or Blu Tack.  There isn't sufficient space behind the door for pin heads and moreover the backing board in not designed to accept pins or thumb tacks.


Poster Case Dimensions

Poster Size ......... Visible size .......... External size
A4  210x297 mm ...... 190x277 mm .......... 280x367 mm
A3  297x420 mm ...... 277x400 mm ......... 367x490 mm
A2  420x594 mm ...... 400x574 mm ......... 490x664 mm
A1  594x841 mm ...... 574x821 mm ......... 664x911 mm
A0  841x1189 mm ..... 821x1169 mm ....... 911x1259 mm


Maximum thickness of poster 1.5mm.




Condensation on the inside of the door can occur under certain atmospheric conditions. It is the same situation as inside a car windscreen where condensation can occur without implying that rain has actually entered.


Typically on a cold night after a humid day the water vapour in the air can condense on any cold surface (such as the glazed door or car windscreen) and this is unavoidable. In most situations any misting clears of its own accord as the glass (or clear plastic) warms up again.


Some suitable applications for keylock poster cases.

The lockable poster case is a graphic holder sometimes referred to as an outdoor sign display case or keylock poster frame. With its hinged door, aluminium frame and wall mount fixings, the unit is practical and great value. We believe it's a cheap poster case for the quality!


One popular application is as a wall mounted menu holder for a restaurant or pub. It is very easy to change the contents so this poster case is ideal for displaying daily menus.


As an outdoor holder for posters it's weatherproof and attractive. It looks equally good if you want to display posters indoors whether in a school, public building, factory or hospital.


It can be used for poster display in many situations: as a theatre poster frame, cinema poster frame, quad movie poster case (30x40" size) for outdoors, in poster displays for the public, as an oudoor poster case for advertising forthcoming events.


As well as being a wall mount sign holder they are used as movie poster cases oudoor or indoor.